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Does Nuclear Power Deserve a Bad Rap?
NY Times Columnist Is on the Wrong Side of History

October 1, 2022  •  New York Times

To the Editor:

Re "Nuclear Power Still Doesn't Make Much Sense," by Farhad Manjoo (column, Sept. 17):

Had development of small-scale cookie-cutter nuclear power plants and nuclear batteries not been sidetracked by prejudice drawn from past misadventures and a focus on giant facilities, and had alternative sources of energy not been so massively subsidized, nuclear would have already displaced wind and solar.

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We Are Squandering A Fortune On Climate Fixes Doomed To Fail
But there are approaches that could work

September 29, 2022  •  Issues & Insights

The misnamed Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law last month, is in fact mostly about climate change. In a bill with total funding of about $485 billion, approximately $369 billion is for measures to address global warming, with the lion's share going to subsidies for wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles.

Is this an effective use of the money? Will these measures actually produce the desired results? The En-ROADS climate model (Figure 1), which was created by and is maintained by Climate Interactive and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management provides answers.

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A Tale of Queen Elizabeth as a Spirited, Young Princess
'I'll have you know I am not a lady,' she said.

September 18, 2022  •  Wall Street Journal

The headline of Gerard Baker's column, "Queen Elizabeth Didn't Take Her Majesty for Granted" (Free Expression, Sept. 13), may have been true during her reign as monarch, but it wasn't always so. Let me explain.

In 1967 I was visiting the Churchill War Rooms, which are underground beneath the Treasury in London's Whitehall. It was before the rooms were open to the public, and I was included in a group of retired Scotland Yard officers who had been stationed there during World War II. Their stories were remarkable.

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The FDA tasks the Reagan-Udall Foundation with a whitewash review
The FDA has many shortcomings. It's doubtful that the Reagan-Udall Foundation is the organization best equipped to suggest remedies.

September 17, 2022  •  Washington Examiner

The FDA has problems in many of the product areas it oversees – slow approval of drugs; unnecessary, prolonged shortages of infant formula; and problematic, ineffective regulation of tobacco products, among others. To his credit, the agency head, Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf seems to realize that. In July, he acknowledged that "the agency has confronted a series of challenges that have tested our regulatory frameworks and stressed the agency's operations, prompting me to take a closer look at how we do business."

To accomplish that, he commissioned a report to recommend corrective actions.

So far, so good.

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A Reflection From When Queen Elizabeth II Was A Child
A revealing and remote slice of history

September 15, 2022  •  Bristol Herald Courier

As Britons and many others worldwide mourn Queen Elizabeth II's death, I was reminded of a story about her when she was Princess Elizabeth. Half a century ago, I heard it from a Scotland Yard officer assigned to her protection detail at Buckingham Palace in the 1930s.

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