Henry I. Miller , M.D.
Henry I. Miller , M.D.
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Pundicity: Informed Opinion and Review

Articles by Henry I. Miller , M.D.

Title Publication Date
Adam Smith's 'invisible hand' is poking at corporate activists Washington Examiner October 12, 2019
'Modified' Should Be Vilified American Greatness October 10, 2019
President Trump wants you to get your flu shot Los Angeles Times October 9, 2019
Here's Your Non-Hysterical Guide To The Science Required To Address Climate Change The Federalist October 2, 2019
It's the Illegal Products, Stupid! American Greatness September 26, 2019
Much of the Buzz About Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Is Wrong American Council on Science and Health September 23, 2019
Renewable Energy Defies Science, Economics, And Common Sense Issues & Insights September 22, 2019
Blame the FDA for Your Outmoded Sunscreen American Greatness September 19, 2019
High-Tech Medicine Gets The Headlines, But Low-Tech Also Saves Lives The Federalist September 18, 2019
Politicians are scapegoating e-cigs for harm they haven't done New York Post September 17, 2019
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Progress Toward Diagnosis and Treatment, Finally? American Council on Science and Health September 16, 2019
Organic Industry Anti-Pesticide Propaganda Threatens to Cripple American Agriculture Genetic Literacy Project September 12, 2019
We Need A Regulatory Reformer To Head The FDA Issues & Insights September 6, 2019
Cutting Medical Costs Can Be A Bargain Wall Street Journal September 3, 2019
Knowing A Little Physics Could Save Your Life Issues & Insights August 31, 2019
We Need to Defend the Miracle of Vaccination American Greatness August 29, 2019
Plants could give us new treatments for cancer, HIV and other diseases if we had better 'pharming' regulations Genetic Literacy Project August 21, 2019
Vaping Hysteria Will Mean More Tobacco Deaths Issues & Insights August 20, 2019
Let's Let Market Forces Lower Drug Prices American Greatness August 10, 2019
What's Wrong With The Intellectual Elites? (Spoiler Alert: Plenty) Issues & Insights August 8, 2019
A smarter way to curb drug prices through imports Los Angeles Times August 5, 2019
Social Media's Transition from Novelty to Malignancy American Greatness August 1, 2019
Food Labeling Follies American Greatness July 29, 2019
Opioids: Bad Science, Bad Policy, Bad Outcomes Issues & Insights July 26, 2019
Cures for Cancer Could Grow on Trees Wall Street Journal July 19, 2019
Is the Miracle of Vaccination Fading? Fox & Hounds July 18, 2019
A Speech That Should Be Punished American Greatness July 16, 2019
Giving In To Big Corn City Journal July 12, 2019
Midwestern Values: May We Never Lose Them American Greatness July 4, 2019
Cost-Saving Biosimilars' Many Obstacles Regulation June 28, 2019
7 Delusional Fantasies Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Trying To Sell America The Federalist June 26, 2019
FDA's 'Accelerated Approvals' Are Critical But Raise Thorny Issues Missouri Medicine June 21, 2019
We Need Reciprocity Of Drug Approvals To Address Critical Drug Shortages Issues & Insights June 19, 2019
FDA must do more to protect consumers from 'outright fraud' of dietary supplements Genetic Literacy Project June 17, 2019
Bizarre Democratic Politics in the DC Suburbs American Greatness June 6, 2019
Dishonest Propaganda Sprouts from Organic Agriculture PRI Issue Brief June 5, 2019
The FDA's Bad Medicine Issues & Insights May 22, 2019
FDA Moves to Level the Food-Labeling Playing Field Real Clear Policy May 21, 2019
Regulators should embrace the Vatican's decade-old endorsement of GMOs Genetic Literacy Project May 15, 2019
Are You Getting Anti-Vaccine Information From Russian Propagandists? The Federalist May 13, 2019
A Scientist's Week at the Vatican American Greatness May 10, 2019
FDA Has Problems, But Too-Fast, Too-Lenient Reviews Aren't Among Them American Council on Science and Health May 8, 2019
US Congress mandates silliness, USDA complies Nature Biotechnology May 3, 2019
The Brave Old World of Genetic Engineering American Council on Science and Health April 30, 2019
Earth Day Should Return to Its Roots Issues & Insights April 26, 2019
We Don't Need to Ban Pesticides to Save Bees The Federalist April 25, 2019
Will Dangerous Dietary Supplements Finally Be Reined In? Issues & Insights April 23, 2019
Earth Day: Opposing Progress Trumps Protecting the Planet American Greatness April 22, 2019
The 'Future of Food' is Genetic Engineering! Journal of Commercial Biotechnology April 18, 2019
The Downward Spiral of Post-Secondary Education American Greatness April 15, 2019
Why the Green New Deal Is Financially Lethal Real Clear Politics April 11, 2019
Why Can't We Ask the Hard Questions About Education? American Greatness April 3, 2019
Monsanto, Roundup, and Cancer: Cutting Chemicals from Agriculture Is A Cost We Can't Afford Newsweek March 28, 2019
Fake, Irrelevant News Is the Mainstream Media's Fail Medium March 26, 2019
How Gullible Are We? American Greatness March 21, 2019
Desperately Seeking a Reformer to Head the FDA American Greatness March 14, 2019
Denunciation of Celebrities is Mounting. There Are More Important Things to Worry About Medium.com March 13, 2019
America's Citrus Fruits Are Being Decimated By An Incurable Disease -- We Need GM Science to Save Them Newsweek March 12, 2019
Research integrity and why bad science has become such a problem Genetic Literacy Project March 11, 2019
Feds battle opioid abuse with a circular firing squad Washington Examiner March 11, 2019
The FDA has problems -- Here are the qualities the next commissioner must have to fix them Fox News Opinion March 10, 2019
Naturopathic doctors, organic marketers take advantage of consumer desire for 'authenticity' Genetic Literacy Project March 6, 2019
Opioid crisis -- Since when does the government write prescriptions? Fox News Opinion March 2, 2019
Make America Serious Again American Greatness February 28, 2019
Buying 'Organic' To Get 'Authenticity'? Or Safer And More Nutritious Food? Think Again. And Again. Missouri Medicine February 25, 2019
Pervert science at your peril—anti-GMO campaigners, vaccine deniers and 'bee-pocalypse' scaremongers find common ground in 'evidence rejectionism' Genetic Literacy Project February 21, 2019
The GND: Glitter, Nonsense, and Devitalization American Greatness February 13, 2019
Here's an idea for controlling drug prices: Restore market forces Washington Examiner February 7, 2019
Do organic farms really produce 'chemical-free, healthier food'? Genetic Literacy Project February 7, 2019
The Ripple Effects of Scientific Illiteracy Can Have Dire Consequences Capital Ideas February 6, 2019
Why we must be wary of grandiose claims about a low-cost, universal cancer cure Genetic Literacy Project February 6, 2019
'Immoral' Wall Talk is Just Code for Open Borders American Greatness February 5, 2019
Sleepless in America: Can Technology Help Insomnia? Investors Business Daily February 4, 2019
Israel Cancer Cure Claims Are Literally Unbelievable -- Show Us the Data Newsweek January 31, 2019
This May Be the Worst Regulation Ever Wall Street Journal January 31, 2019
Do We Still Need the EPA? New York Times Upfront January 28, 2019
MIT doesn't need a victimology workshop Washington Examiner January 23, 2019
GMO crops are key to sustainable farming—why are some scientists afraid to talk about them? Genetic Literacy Project January 21, 2019
A Market-Based Solution to Rising Drug Prices: More Competition American Greatness January 14, 2019
EPA's Advisers Reflect Influence Of The 'Deep State' Investors Business Daily January 7, 2019
An Unpretty Review of 'Sustainable Intensification' in Agriculture Science January 6, 2019
Russia's anti-Western propaganda campaign is a declaration of war Washington Examiner January 2, 2019
Biden's Prominence Illustrates the Dems' Weak Bench American Greatness December 18, 2018
FDA Doubles Down On Failed Animal Biotechnology Regulation Investors Business Daily December 10, 2018
The UN Celebrates A Regulatory Debacle GM Crops & Food December 10, 2018
There is a way for affirmative action to become constructive and fair; its practitioners won't like it Washington Examiner December 7, 2018
We Don't Need A (New) Ban Of Human Gene Therapy Daily Caller December 6, 2018
Assisted Suicide for Alzheimer's Patients Raises Incredibly Difficult Issues Fox News Opinion December 2, 2018
Let's hope the Chinese gene editing fiasco doesn't lead to a cruel and unnecessary ban on germline gene therapy Genetic Literacy Project November 30, 2018
Junk Science Has Become A Profitable Industry. Who Will Stop It? Real Clear Science November 26, 2018
What is Scott Gottlieb Smoking? Daily Caller November 18, 2018
Bureaucrats Who Deserve A Salute Daily Caller November 13, 2018
Is 'Mindfulness' All In Your Head? Fox News Opinion November 11, 2018
Turning Over A New (Organic) Leaf Hoover Digest November 5, 2018
This Flu Season Should Serve as a Wake-up Call – We Need to Redouble Our Efforts to Prevent and Treat the Flu Fox News November 4, 2018
Quick FDA Approval of GMO Human Insulin 36 Years Ago Contrasts with Today's Biotechnology Regulatory Sclerosis Genetic Literacy Project November 2, 2018
Follow the FDA's Self-Interest Wall Street Journal October 29, 2018
Why Can't Food Be Genetically Engineered AND Organic? Regulation October 26, 2018
The Latest Target Of The Eco-Fundamentalists: Plastics Investor's Business Daily October 25, 2018
The U.N. Was Designed To Fail -- And It Does Daily Caller October 24, 2018
Consumers Will Suffer the Hangover From Trump's Ethanol Binge Washington Examiner October 18, 2018
The FDA Doubles Down on Failed Animal Biotechnology Regulation Daily Caller October 16, 2018
Bureaucrats Turn 'Dark Regulatory Matter' Into Law, But Is It Constitutional? Investors Business Daily October 11, 2018
Eco-Bullying Crosses the Pond Daily Caller October 8, 2018
Fit to Serve? City Journal October 3, 2018
The U.N. Celebrates 15 Years of Screwing Up Biotech Regulation Daily Caller October 1, 2018
The Organic Food Industry Gets Fat on Lies Real Clear Science September 29, 2018
We Need Smarter Regulation of Food and Agricultural Biotechnology Federalist Society White Paper September 27, 2018
The Trump Doctrine Puts the UN in Its Place Daily Caller September 26, 2018
Will We Finally Get Reform of the Superfund Boondoggle? Investors Business Daily September 20, 2018
Get Real With $6-a-Gallon 'Raw Water' Wall Street Journal September 14, 2018
Science Shows the Way As Hurricane Approaches Daily Caller September 12, 2018
'Fakebook Science' and Democracy European Scientist September 4, 2018
Organic Food and Nutritional Placebo Effect Wall Street Journal September 1, 2018
Buying Organic? You're Getting Ripped Off! Daily Caller August 31, 2018
Feds Battle Opioid Abuse With A Circular Firing Squad Daily Caller August 29, 2018
EU Court Falls Short On Both Logic And The Law Investors Business Daily August 27, 2018
Mandatory Mislabeling City Journal August 10, 2018
The Organic Industry Is Lying to You Wall Street Journal August 6, 2018
Got Skin Cancer? Blame the FDA! Fox News Opinion August 5, 2018
The Future Of Food Needs Transparency And Integrity: A Response Investors Business Daily August 2, 2018
How Russia and NGOs Collude to Damage American Exceptionalism Daily Caller July 19, 2018
Regulatory Dark Matter Defining Ideas July 19, 2018
How Russia and NGOs Collude to Damage American Exceptionalism Daily Caller July 19, 2018
The Mystery of the 'Rogue Wheat' Daily Caller July 12, 2018
USDA Moves to End Rent-Seeking in Poultry Industry American Greatness July 11, 2018
Flow West Hoover Digest July 9, 2018
"Moon Shot" for a Flu Shot Hoover Digest July 9, 2018
Scott Pruitt's EPA policies reined in a rogue agency and were good for America -- We need them to continue Fox News Opinion July 8, 2018
Russia Does Far Worse Than Meddle In Our Elections — It Meddles In Our Science: Part II Investor's Business Daily June 28, 2018
Russia Does Far Worse Than Meddle In Our Elections — It Meddles In Our Science Investor's Business Daily June 26, 2018
The FDA:Challenges for a New Century, a Rough Road Ahead for Would-Be Reformers New York University Journal of Law & Liberty June 22, 2018
NY Times Editorial Criticizes FDA for Being Too Fast, Too Lenient. Here's Why They're Wrong Daily Caller June 22, 2018
USDA Is Supposed to Regulate Animal Health, Not Animal Happiness Regulation June 19, 2018
Diane Feinstein's Unscientific Chemical Scare Bill Washington Examiner June 15, 2018
California's Java Joke Is a Wakeup Call on Cancer Warnings San Jose Mercury News June 6, 2018
The 'Right to Try' Bill Wasn't Worth Passing Wall Street Journal June 4, 2018
When Bioethics Is Not Ethical Daily Caller June 4, 2018
FDA Overreach on Genetically Engineered Organisms Issues in Science and Technology June 1, 2018
Why Not Genetically Engineered Organic Foods? Washington Examiner June 1, 2018
Dishonest Policymaking Stings The European Commission On Honeybee Health The Daily Caller May 25, 2018
Science Triumphs at the EPA. For Now. Science 2.0 May 17, 2018
The Neonic Ban: A Scientific Fraud Becomes Enshrined in EU Regulatory Law Science 2.0 May 15, 2018
Trump's New Prescription Drug Plan Is Incomplete -- Here Are Two Ways to Make It Better Fox News Opinion May 14, 2018
To Solve Drug Prices, We Need More Competition, Not More Government Meddling Washington Examiner May 11, 2018
Needed: An FDA Revolution City Journal May 2, 2018
The Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms Geopolitical Intelligence Services April 27, 2018
Examining the Science Denial Behind IFOAM—Organics International Genetic Literacy Project April 25, 2018
Earth Day: More About Hurling Tomatoes Than Planting Them American Greatness April 24, 2018
Earth Day Has Embraced Hysteria and Abandoned Science Fox News Opinion April 20, 2018
'March for Science' Was Just an Excuse to Attack Trump and Republicans Fox News Opinion April 19, 2018
A 'March for Science,' or for Political Partisanship? Washington Examiner April 13, 2018
GMO critic Vandana Shiva's anti-modernity crusade threatens world's poor Genetic Literacy Project April 12, 2018
Patent Foolishness on Capitol Hill Washington Examiner April 6, 2018
Trump's False War On Opioids Will Only Punish Patients In Pain Newsweek April 6, 2018
How Politics Pollutes The FDA's Genetically Modified Animal Regulations And Stifles Innovation Genetic Literacy Project March 30, 2018
Why 'GMO' Is A Meaningless Term (And How To Fix That) Fox News Opinion March 27, 2018
John Bolton Understands That The United Nations Was Designed To Fail Daily Caller March 26, 2018
NOT JUST ELECTIONS: Russian Trolling Interference Threatens Our Infrastructure And Our Industries Daily Caller March 20, 2018
'Right to try' Unapproved Drugs Advances Personal Freedom -- But Risks Must Be Taken Into account Fox News Opinion March 13, 2018
How Authentic Is Public Input on Science-Driven Public Policy? American Greatness March 10, 2018
The First Amendment Applies To The FDA Too Reason March 6, 2018
A Different Kind of Cancer Treatment Defining Ideas March 6, 2018
Transforming Modern Medicine Doesn't Have To Be High Tech Or Expensive Genetic Literacy Project March 5, 2018
How California Can Stave Off Day Zero City Journal March 1, 2018
How We Can Prevent the Next Killer Flu Epidemic Newsweek February 13, 2018
The Low Tech Revolution That's Transforming Medicine Newsweek January 21, 2018
We're underfunding research on vaccines that may be able to prevent another terrible flu season Los Angeles Times January 19, 2018
The Organic Food Hoax Hoover Institution January 18, 2018
Putin is Mounting Sly, Self Serving Attacks on American Science Newsweek January 11, 2018
Supreme Court will decide the fate of an endangered frog in a regulatory swamp Washington Examiner January 11, 2018
Does Chocolate Milk Come From Brown Cows? No, seriously Newsweek December 23, 2017
We Should Stop Funding the Offensive Absurdities of the United Nations Newsweek December 22, 2017
'The Case of the Missing Frog' The Washington Times December 17, 2017
Why so many scientific studies are flawed and poorly understood Genetic Literacy Project December 13, 2017
Solve US drug shortages with imported medicine that measures up to FDA standards The Hill November 30, 2017
Scientifically Illiterate America Defining Ideas November 29, 2017
When Good Intentions Bang Heads with Unintended Consequences Newsweek November 20, 2017
Current FDA approach to genetically engineered animals is flawed The Hill November 6, 2017
A plea for the renewal of the ISBR Trends in Biotechnology November 2017
When genetic engineering came of age The Genetic Literacy Project October 30, 2017
How the Administrative State Serves Clients and Hurts Citizens American Greatness October 24, 2017
Medical innovation shouldn't cause pioneers to jump through hoops The Hill October 16, 2017
Gene Editing Is Here, and Desperate Patients Want It The Wall Street Journal October 12, 2017
A Bigger Russian Threat: Disrupting U.S. Innovation American Greatness October 5, 2017
Over-regulation at USDA is holding back American agriculture October 2, 2017
Golden rice – a miracle tarnished by irresponsible activism The Hill September 26, 2017
The U.N. Is Designed to Fail American Greatness September 26, 2017
Genetic engineering applied to agriculture has a long row to hoe Taylor & Francis Online September 21, 2017
Insecticides, raw milk, coal -- sometimes good intentions turn bad The Mercury News September 14, 2017
There's a place for both high-tech, low-tech medicine The Hill September 14, 2017
On Trial: The Right to Try Defining Ideas September 12, 2017
Is $13.7 Billion a Good Price for Whole Foods? National Review June 30, 2017
Putin's 'sock puppets': How Russia 'uses' anti-GMO activists to undermine crop biotech and science Genetic Literacy Project June 28, 2017
Attack of the Killer Petunias The Wall Street Journal June 12, 2017
Promote Health by Not Defending the E-Cigarette Ban National Review May 16, 2017
Earth Day has become polluted by ideology and ignorance Learn Liberty, A Project of IHS April 20, 2017
Congress Can Make Regulators Accountable National Review March 23, 2017
Michelle Obama And Chef Tom Colicchio Form A Misguided Partnership Forbes February 22, 2017
Fixing FDA is literally a matter of life and death The HIll January 19, 2017
The EPA Shows Again That It's an Affront to Common Sense National Review Online November 23, 2016
Is Whole Foods Channeling Tony Soprano? Forbes October 13, 2016
Congress Must Do More to Combat Unaccountable Bureaucrats' Funding of Junk Science National Review August 22, 2016
The Obama Administration lacks transparency, resists oversight The Hill's Congress Blog August 11, 2016
Whole Foods Goes From Defrauding Consumers To Endangering Them Forbes.com June 29, 2016
'GMO' Labeling We Don't Need--And Won't Get Forbes.com March 16, 2016
Kids Need Fruits And Veggies, Not False Alarms About Food Risks Forbes October 21, 2015
Whole Foods Caught With Their Thumb On The Scale And Their Hand In Your Pocket Forbes July 15, 2015
Stupid-Strategy Sweepstakes: Home Depot vs. Lowe's National Review Online May 11, 2015
You Can't Sugarcoat Distasteful Legislation Forbes June 18, 2014
Mandatory Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Foods Deserves A Warning Label Of Its Own Forbes October 9, 2013
The Right Way to Fight Obesity Defining Ideas June 19, 2013
How Much of Food Activism Is Nonsense? Regulation, Cato Institute Summer, 2013
Activism vs. The Rule of Law Defining Ideas; Hoover Institution May 22, 2013
Free market has real solutions to obesity crisis Washington Examiner May 21, 2013
How Much Of Food Activism Is New Age, Airy-Fairy Nonsense? Forbes May 15, 2013
Ideologically Contaminated Produce Shopper's Guide Undermines Health Huffington Post May 3, 2013
Animal Rights Groups Seem Benevolent But Are In Fact Radical Investor's Business Daily January 18, 2013
Front Page Felonies Forbes.com January 2, 2013
A Lack of Government Transparency Forbes.com October 24, 2012
There Are A Thousand Ways To Do An Experiment Wrong Forbes.com August 22, 2012
"Oasis" Film Is An Intellectual Desert Forbes June 6, 2012
Anti-Technology Activists Are The Real Slime Forbes April 26, 2012
The Cigarette Smokescreen Defining Ideas March 21, 2012
Avastin Should Be Re-Approved For Breast Cancer Forbes March 14, 2012
Don't put down polystyrene Orange County Register February 7, 2012
When Bureaucrats Stymie Science Defining Ideas January 14, 2012
A Confused And Confusing CDC Forbes.com October 18, 2011
Cleaning Up The EWG's Dirty Dozen Forbes.com September 28, 2011
Fat-uous Approaches To the Obesity Problem Forbes.com August 17, 2011
Fishy Legislation Defining Ideas, The Hoover Institution August 12, 2011
A political (franken)fish story The Hill July 25, 2011
Nanny Runs Amok Defining Ideas, A Hoover Institution Journal July 13, 2011
Obama healthcare: Government, heal thyself Los Angeles Times June 3, 2011
Waste And Bad Judgment Sprout At The USDA Forbes May 10, 2011
Don't buy into the chromium-6 hysteria San Jose Mercury News January 11, 2011
Avastin shouldn't make the FDA give up on 'accelerated approval' of drugs The Los Angeles Times August 17, 2010
Stop The (Health Reform) Juggernaut Forbes November 13, 2009
Shutting off the miracle-drug spigot The New York Post November 7, 2009
A Dangerous Cost-Cutting Prescription Forbes September 8, 2009
The drugs do work The Guardian August 21, 2009
The wrong way to fix the FDA The Guardian March 15, 2009

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