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It's time for school 'anti-giving' campaigns
We need to force institutions to rethink their priorities, stick to their mission, and strive for excellence.

January 12, 2022  •  Washington Examiner

For prestigious universities and even many private secondary schools, philanthropic donations have a long tradition.

They are typically driven by gratitude for what the institution contributed to one's life and, not infrequently, are meant as a soft bribe for allowing children or other family members to gain admission. But what happens when educational institutions use donor drives to help themselves avoid "value pricing" their various degrees? The question matters for a simple reason: Should a major in sociology or gender studies cost the same as one in semiconductor engineering?

We don't think so.

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'The bioengineered food label is not expected to have any benefits to human health or the environment'
The stupidity behind the new genetic modification law

January 10, 2022  •  Genetic Literacy Project

It's no secret that Congress sometimes does things – including creating laws – that make little sense and that are contrary to the public interest. One of the most egregious of those laws has just taken effect. The subject – labeling of foods that have been "genetically modified," or "bioengineered" — is somewhat obscure, but the measure, in the form of a Department of Agriculture regulation that was mandated by the law — affects every American consumer.

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The FDA needs reform. Biden's nominee is not the person to do it.
The new commissioner will have to cut the fat and disrupt the agency's built-in bias for overregulation. We're not optimistic.

December 29, 2021  •  Washington Examiner

When President Joe Biden nominated Obama-era Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf to return to his old post, he made what is widely seen as a safe, if uninspired, choice.

Califf is a distinguished cardiologist and clinical trial specialist, but the day-to-day regulatory decision-making happens at the organizational levels below the commissioner. The FDA, a huge and critically important but dysfunctional organization, now needs a bold, clear-thinking reformer, but Califf, the ultimate insider, has the ideal resume to keep it on the wrong path.

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Weapons Against Covid Need a Presidential Boost
Invoking the Defense Production Act could make promising anti-viral medications widely available to Americans sooner

December 24, 2021  •  City Journal

Earlier this week, President Biden outlined new steps to confront the growing spread of Covid-19 from the new, more infectious Omicron variant, which, in only a few weeks, has soared from virtually nonexistent to 73 percent of all new cases. Unfortunately, Biden's plan failed to include what could be the most important action of all: an all-out effort to make safe and effective anti-viral Covid-19 pills available—two of which have now received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA—to every American at the earliest sign of infection.

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Regulation of Genetic Engineering Must Be Scientific and Risk Based. No Compromises.
With respect to risk, there's no fundamental distinction between gene editing and recombinant DNA.

December 21, 2021  •  Human Events

Gene editing, which allows precise edits to the genome, has been widely used for a variety of applications in laboratories worldwide since its discovery a decade ago. It has tremendous potential: Researchers hope to use it to alter human genes to eliminate diseases; improve the characteristics of plants; resist pathogens; and more. The two scientists who discovered the iconic gene editing technology, the CRISPR-Cas9 system, were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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