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When Good Intentions Bang Heads with Unintended Consequences

November 20, 2017  •  Newsweek

With phrases like "Better safe than sorry" and "Look before you leap," it's clear that concerns about risk are a part of our vernacular – and our psyche.

Unfortunately, when we take those clichés to heart, we often end up plagued by another one, "Out of the frying pan and into the fire."

Academics who study risk have a name for those situations in which you end up singed: "Regrettable substitutions," which are said to occur when individuals, companies or governments substitute processes, procedures or ingredients that prove to be inferior or actually harmful, compared to what existed before.

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Current FDA approach to genetically engineered animals is flawed

November 6, 2017  •  The Hill

Contrary to Article I of the U.S. Constitution, which vests all legislative power in the Congress, federal agencies can expand their jurisdiction by forcefully pushing policy initiatives into regulatory regimes for which they were never intended.

Congress has established limited controls over runaway agency rule-making, such as a public notice-and-comment process and judicial review of regulations. However, agencies increasingly skirt the formal requirements by issuing, non-binding guidance documents that interpret existing rules in a manner that expand the scope of existing regulations.

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A plea for the renewal of the ISBR

November 2017  •  Trends in Biotechnology

According to the main web page of the International Society for Biosafety Research, "the mission of ISBR is to promote the practice and application of science in the fields of agricultural biotechnology and environmental risk analysis. In particular, ISBR aims to encourage research which supports the safe and effective use of biotechnology in agriculture and food production and assists the development of the relevant policy and regulation." (http://isbr.info/)

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When genetic engineering came of age
World's first GMO - GE insulin - approved 35 years ago

October 30, 2017  •  The Genetic Literacy Project

On October 31 marks the 35th anniversary of an event that launched an important new era in pharmaceutical development – the approval by the FDA of human insulin synthesized in genetically engineered bacteria—the world's first recombinant DNA drug product. As the medical reviewer of the product and the head of the review team, I had a front-row seat.

The saga is remarkable in several ways, not least of which is that although both the drugmakers and regulators were exploring unknown territory, the development of the drug and its regulatory review progressed smoothly and rapidly.

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How the Administrative State Serves Clients and Hurts Citizens
The Case of the Non-Organic, Organic Food

October 24, 2017  •  American Greatness

The late economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman used to say that only in government, when a program or project fails dismally, the instinctive response is to make it bigger. This is especially the case in a modern Administrative State like the one we have in America today where a program alleged to serve the well-being of the public is most often proven to serve, in a big way, the interests of a large client of that administrative state.

We're seeing Friedman's observation validated yet again in the congressional response to an exposé of the pervasive dishonesty in the organic agriculture industry.

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