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A Coronavirus Vaccine is No Good if People Won't Take It
We need a multifaceted campaign to lessen the skepticism about vaccines

October 20, 2020  •  American Council on Science & Health

Americans -- so desperate to end the need for masks, social distancing, and limited access to restaurants, salons, concerts, and schools -- will surely be clamoring for a vaccine as soon as it's available. Or will they? Recent polls suggest that only about 40% of Americans would take the vaccine. It is vital that this number be increased. But how? Let's explore this issue.

Image: NeedPix

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'Right To Repair' Legislation Compromises Medical Device Cybersecurity
Would you want a handyman to repair your local nuclear power plant?

October 17, 2020  •  Issues & Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified various political and economic flashpoints. From health care to housing, drug pricing to food pricing, the societal strain of the pandemic has renewed the urgency and raised the stakes for long-standing issues.

The increasingly heated debate about the rules and regulations governing medical device servicing is an exemplar of this new reality. Although the dispute between independent aftermarket repair businesses and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) isn't new, it has shifted from auto repair, farm equipment, and consumer electronics to high-tech medical devices.

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Don't Expect A Coronavirus Vaccine 'October Surprise'
The FDA has left the door open for emergency use authorizations, but the bar remains high

October 14, 2020  •  Issues & Insights

There is widespread anticipation of vaccines to prevent COVID-19 infections so that Americans can get their lives back to some semblance of normal. More than 50, made with a variety of technology platforms, are now in clinical trials, 11 in large-scale, late safety/efficacy testing. Vaccines have also assumed unprecedented political importance. It's widely thought that a pre-election announcement of a COVID-19 vaccine approval would boost President Donald Trump's election prospects.

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Fraud in Your Pill Bottle: The Unacceptable Cost of Counterfeit Medicines
Securing the U.S. pharmaceutical supply should be a top policy priority

October 13, 2020  •  PRI Issue Brief

This is an excerpt of the Executive Summary of a lengthy PRI Issue Brief which is accessible in its entirety here:

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Irresponsible Bravado Leads to the Spread of COVID-19
We're seeing, writ large, the costs of ignoring science

October 5, 2020  •  Human Events

"Don't Fight the Fed" is an old saying that advises business investors to align their choices with the actions of the Federal Reserve System, the U.S. central banking system which has several potent tools at its disposal to influence stock prices. When it comes to understanding and preventing the spread of infectious diseases, an analogous maxim might be, "don't fight science," or, more specifically, epidemiology.

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