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The FDA Needs to Join the Twenty-First Century
With America's health in jeopardy from pandemics and chronic diseases, outdated approaches aren't good enough.

November 23, 2021  •  The National Interest

Since its inception in 1906, the FDA has become increasingly restrictive, but more regulation doesn't necessarily mean greater benefits to consumers. Overly risk-averse, costly regulation can delay the appearance of new, life-saving products.

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My prescription for a COVID-free 2022
Keep doing what's necessary to prevent becoming infected

November 23, 2021  •  Washington Examiner

There are several kinds of widely circulating myths or fallacies that intentionally underestimate the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of prevention.

The first is what I call the N=1 narrative — that is, an attempt to generalize about the experience of a single person. It often goes something like: "To ensure that my immune system is strong, I take good care of myself, with regular exercise, healthy food, and supplements. If everyone did that, the pandemic would disappear."

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Are rapid-result antigen tests an unappreciated long-range tool to tame COVID?
Vaccination prevents illness, while testing identifies people likely to spread COVID

November 16, 2021  •  Genetic Literacy Project

An overwhelming consensus on any topic is very rare these days. But many Americans, whatever their political leanings, seem to feel that the policies, communications, and actions of the public health "experts" and politicians about the COVID-19 pandemic have been confusing, sometimes contradictory, and in some cases, inconsistent with the scientific evidence.

Whether it was flip-flops on the effectiveness of masks, seemingly inane restrictions on certain activities, or baseless advocacy of ineffective drugs, the past 20 months have provided numerous reasons to question what we were told. In other cases, the absence of sufficient information has created opportunities for armchair experts to exhibit their lack of expertise.

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Nuclear Power Is The Only Viable Solution To Climate Change
Discussions that ignore nuclear are just hot air

November 12, 2021  •  Issues & Insights

The most recent international séance on climate change, finishing today in Glasgow, largely resembles many of the earlier ones – hysterical warnings of existential threats to the planet; demonization of the fossil fuels that, literally, fuel the vast majority of the world's economies; and kicking the can down the road on commitments to decarbonize (India just committed to goals to be met by 2070). And, of course, no climate change conclave would be complete without pontification from former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, and a stern scolding from dysphoric, cheerless teenage activist Greta Thunberg.

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How did Sri Lanka's organic-only debacle begin? Simple — 'uninformed, flawed decisions based on wishful thinking'
Sri Lanka's experience should be a cautionary tale for others who are tempted to reject scientific advances

November 11, 2021  •  Genetic Literacy Project

All of us have had the experience of learning things, as the saying goes, "the hard way." That phenomenon has been captured perfectly by a meme found lately on everything from to T-shirts to sign-boards:

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