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Henry I. Miller , M.D.
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Private sector working to ensure it doesn't get worse before it gets better
Once effective treatments become available, our economy will once again be open for business, and we can return to some semblance of normalcy

April 4, 2020  •  Orange County Register

The federal government's efforts to combat the ongoing coronavirus pandemic illustrate why we shouldn't put our full trust in government to find a cure. After all, they badly botched the testing, costing valuable time in identifying new cases and limiting its spread.

Fortunately, private-sector innovators are leading where government has underwhelmed, conducting speedy research and development into potentially life-saving cures, while providing critical support in other areas where government action was lacking.

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Optimism About a Speedy Coronavirus Vaccine Is Misplaced
The testing needed for a widely used vaccine is a significant obstacle to fast approval

April 2, 2020  •  The Bridge

As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus continues to gain momentum in the United States, there is intense interest in the development of a vaccine. Several US drugmakers have begun working on a vaccine, independently or with federal agencies like the National Institutes of Health.

The public is hungry for news about vaccines, and progress on their development is, at times, exaggerated.

Fox Business reported:

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Dispelling Some Of The COVID-19 Unknowns
We need testing, quarantine of infected patients, social distancing, and good hygiene

April 2, 2020  •  Issues & Insights

For anyone following the COVID-19 pandemic – and who isn't? – it's evident that we're awash in punditry, speculation, and modeling. But we two are Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates, and we're looking past the noise to what critical data we don't yet have that will affect the management of the outbreak – which will, in turn, affect both public health and our economic recovery.

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Population Testing Is Critical to Managing the Coronavirus Pandemic
We need to be able to squash potential outbreaks to reopen the economy

March 24, 2020  •  Human Events

With the United States gradually ramping up testing for the coronavirus, there has been a sharp, expected increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 disease. The individuals tested will learn whether they are infected, but, paradoxically, the public—and public health officials—will not know whether the total results are encouraging or discouraging. This is because the rates of the coronavirus infectivity and mortality will remain poorly understood. And without such information, it is impossible to predict, accurately, the percentage of Americans who have been or are likely to become infected, and of those infected how many will be asymptomatic, have a relatively mild, flu-like disease, become critically ill, or die.

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A Simple Lesson from a Hockey Great for Coping with the Coronavirus
The exponential logic of infectious disease means we must act before the problem is readily apparent

March 23, 2020  •  The Bridge

As the coronavirus pandemic wreaks more and more medical and social havoc worldwide, we need to recall the observation of The Great One—no, not Dr. Tony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health—the other one, hockey player Wayne Gretzky, who said, "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been."

Anticipating what's coming is especially important in confronting an emerging infectious disease whose dynamics and possible impacts we don't yet know. If we react too slowly to changing circumstances, we can fall off a metaphorical cliff.

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